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Vx commodore hard to start

Log in or Sign up. Welcome to Just Commodores, a site specifically designed for all people who share the same passion as yourself. Recent Posts Contact Us. Just Commodores. Mar 11, 1. Mar 11, 2. Have you checked the electrical connections at the starter motor to see if there is good contact? Mar 11, 3. Mar 11, 4. Not necessarily kilometers means nothing for starter motor condition.

Try tapping starter motor lightly with a hammer while someone else turns the key next time it won't start. If it magically starts then it's your starter motor.

VT Hard Start on cold and sometimes hot

MickMar 11, Mar 11, 5. If it's winding over and not firing, I suggest you check your remote. If the correct signals aren't being sent from your key, your car might still be disabled and will simply wind over and never start I am talking from experience here. The battery in the key could be flat or the key itself may be worn so much as to give an intermittent signal. Fortunately I had a second key that had had little use and am using that one Also make sure your car battery terminals are well cleaned and thoroughly clean inside the terminal connections.

Tighten them firmly so there is no slop between the terminal and the connection.

Vx starting problem

This as also a common problem. Also as above Hope this helps. Mar 12, 6.Log in or Sign up. Welcome to Just Commodores, a site specifically designed for all people who share the same passion as yourself. Recent Posts Contact Us. Just Commodores. Dec 30, 1.

vx commodore hard to start

Hey all, Sorry to post another starting thread, had a read of a couple of other similar threads, but thought I'd get some fresh input. My VT 5L has some trouble starting when the motor is warm. When it's cold ie. However, after a bit of driving, pulling up to a shop or something for 10 mins and then jumping back into the car to start and go, it'll do various things.

Here's how it started.

Holden Commodore (VX)

When I first got the car, when starting warm, the car would turn over times, but VERY slowly, and then it would fire and be fine. Then it started to change, these days, it hardly seems to turn over very slowly. More so when it's warm it'll turn over quickly, kind of like that normal whirring noise, but it'll keep going and going and going. Can anyone suggest something to stop this if they've experienced something similar? MirkzDec 30, Dec 30, 2. ThessmanDec 30, Dec 30, 3.

TonyJZXDec 30, Dec 30, 4. Thanks tony, sorry I didn't see your post, sounds pretty much spot on with my issue. Will look into it Would the factory holden starter motor be okay to use? Dec 30, 5. Dec 30, 6. I can walk to work from my place if necessary, but it still starts at the moment, just sometimes it struggles. I'll wait a lil, but I'll plan to change soon.

Jan 11, 7. Hi - my VT Senator is the same, slow to turn over when hot. Had a problem about 2 years ago - no start at all, it was a rotten earth cable from body to motor or something like that. Mar 5, 8. Just fitted the new starter motor today, pretty fun job and felt great after it was all back together and done and started.

Holden Commodore Problems

However, I got caught out this afternoon after the car had been driving around a bit. Went to fill up and then tried to start the car and it was farked again.No car is perfect, but we've gathered everything relating to the Holden Commodore reliability here to help you decide if it's a smart buy.

I asked Read more. I have noticed that when I'm driving along at 70 to 80km in my VZ Commodore and then accelerate a little the car struggles to get power. It only happens when it's warm. Any advice? It performs very well and returns around Over the last year my dual-fuel VE Commodore sedan had intermittent problems when running on gas. Sometimes the engine runs very rough and vibrates as if one of the gas injectors is not working I have a Holden Commodore SV6 Sportwagon and maintain the tyre pressure at around 34 psi, but I have noticed feathering on the outside of all four tyres.

Could you please advise? I recently had my VZ Commodore serviced by my local mechanic. Shortly after collecting it the warning 'Service Vehicle Soon' appeared on the dash. The mechanic tried to rectify the problem, but What do you think the problem is? I recently changed the alloy wheels on my VZ Holden Commodore from inch to a inch and lowered the car as well. After doing that I noticed the car ride is not smooth and I can feel every One morning at start-up, my Commodore SS made a clatter.

The oil pressure was fine but I switched it off. The dealer told me if the clatter goes away to bring it in. Starting the car again, the On two occasions recently, while driving our VX Commodore Series III along the freeway the brake pedal travel has suddenly increased to about half pedal. One morning at start-up, my Commodore SS made a terrible clatter. The oil pressure was fine, but I switched it off to be safe.

vx commodore hard to start

The dealer told me if it goes away when it warms up bring it in. NewThe all-new VE Commodore was heralded as the car that would keep Holden ahead of the pack when it was released in Holden invested more than it had ever done before in developing the VE and A few weeks after buying my VZ Holden Commodore wagon the powertrain warning light came on.

My mechanic diagnosed the problem as faulty oxygen sensors and replaced them. The car ran without a problem I too have a Commodore 3. I have completed the first oil consumption test with my dealership and it used 0.

For months, all went well after I converted my Commodore to run on LPG using an injection system, but after a period of time it began to run roughly. My installer diagnosed blocked injectors due to The dealer who has serviced it since new claimed this was within GM's My Holden Commodore Omega wagon has been using a lot of oil since it was new.

My dealer did an oil consumption test and said it fell within the guidelines. Just last week the check oil warning No matter how schmick the car looks, though, at this sort of money there are probably one or two expensive time bombs lurking within it. My VE Commodore factory dual-fuel sedan has recently become intermittently hard to start.Finally got to drive my car for the first time in 7 weeks.

On saturday i arrived back home and turned the car off then remembered i forgot to get milk so i tried to turn it back on and nothing. The system check thing it does was fine and there was no problem.

Tried again and still didnt work. Checked voltage on the batter and it was at a healthy The engine wasn't kicking over. Before anyone asks yes the clutch was engaged. At this point i rang holden roadside assist and they sent out NRMA who was there in 25 mins really good response but then he couldn't work it out but did suggest we lock the car and unlock it a few times as it may be the immobiliser.

This did not work. He eventually plugged his scan tool in which wirelessly connects to the laptop in his car and there was no error fault codes. Once he miserably failed and gave up i kept trying and then the car finally kicked over. Now I kind of think it has something to do with the clutch because if i kick the clutch in hard, and i mean stomp on it the car will turn on.

Is there some sensor that's actually connected to the clutch pedal itself? Has anyone had this problem or heard of this? Cant seem to find anything on here about it. Didnt have a chance to take it to holden and now im back in NZ so its going to have to wait till next year. I have the same issue on my vx ss internittant not start. I've found the problem to be the metal tab on my key is not making connection to the metal security strip on the ignition barrel.

Next time it happens, look at where the key is to ensuring it is making connection. Next time it happens, look at where the key is to ensuring it is making connection VE commodores are different in the way they dont have the metal ring you are referring to however they do have a transponder in the key itself. Sounds to be the clutch pedal sensor. VE commodores are different in the way they dont have the metal ring you are referring to however they do have a transponder in the key itself.

Where abouts is the clutch pedal sensor? Have a look under the dash. Look along the clutch pedal and you should see a sensor basically near the top of the pedal assembly check adjustment and if it is in correctly as it may be pushed out a bit which would explain why it starts when you stab the clutch pedal. It's unlikely to be the same but, my old VR Ex-chaser had a similar issue, some mornings it wouldn't start.

After about the 3rd time, I cracked the poops, and slammed the drivers door closed.Remember Me? What's New? Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 20 of Thread: VT Commodore won't start. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. VT Commodore won't start The car was running fine the night before when parked. Next day the key is turned and the engine turns over and it tries to fire and tries to start but won't. I had an issue a couple of years ago where it seems the body controller got in a knot and the cure was remove battery power to reset it.

I did this but made no difference. I checked the computer codes and all is ok but I may of cleared any codes from the computer when I disconnected the battery! I pulled each spark plug lead off one by one and put a screw driver up and held close to earth and spark from all 6 leads. I puttled a couple of plugs out and they are wet so there is fuel. Also you hear the pump pressurise the fuel. So now I'm at that point where I'm not sure where to look.

For a while it was taking 2 cranks to start but I was just putting this down to age. Any advice on what to check next? Should of bought that new XR6 last year lol Leroy. God help you if you have lost the radio code as well. You have spark, you have fuel, you should have a running engine Sure its not flooded? Wet plugs means wet cylinders which means its difficult to crank due to the compression and fowled plugs.

So you have spark, and fuel, do your injectors pulse on time and does your spark come on time CAS crank angle sensor OK? The CAS is behind the harmonic balancer, it controls the timing of the spark and injector pulse. Just double check your spark and injector pulse first Leroy before attempting to fix it Try spraying some Aerostart into the throttle body to see if it fires, in case it is a injector issue, if it still wont start its spark being too weak or not in time.

Dont stress over not buying a Ford, the only advantage you would have had is i could have been more helpful with all the experiance ive had with them failing all the time.

Last edited by Godzilla; at PM. Originally Posted by Sanity.Hi i have a VX SS 5. Sometimes when i go to start it nothing happens all accessories work. I don't even get a tick sound. I give it a go 2 or 3 times then it kicks over and starts. I have replaced the battery any other ideas? Vx calais blew top radiator hose. Hi Perry, I see that you've done all you can to try and fix the "crank and won't start" problem on your vx Commodore.

As they say, It could mean your engine is having trouble producing a spark, getting fuel, or getting compression. They say most common causes are in the ignition for example, a bad ignition coil or fuel system for example, a clogged fuel filter or a mechanical fault for example, a leaking valveor faulty components in other systems.

The most overlooked thing in cars is cleaning the throttle bodywhy you even replaced crank angle sensor if its not throwing a code is anyones guessim an automotive techniciani have come across that many dirty throttle bodys in this country with people having zero clue that they have to be cleaned at least once a yearand throttle bodys can cause a no start issue and continuos cranking with car seeming to want to start but does notTHROTTLE BODY PAL!

How to tell if I have a genuine holden vx commodore s pak. Call your Holden dealer. The dealer will tell you what you've got. Basically the S pak had steering wheel controls, Air Conditioning, power windows, lower FE2 suspension, mag wheels 16 inch 5 spoke with wider low-profile tyresbody kit including rear spoiler smaller than the SS spoilerno high-level brake light in the rear window - there's an LED one in the spoilerbigger diameter front stabiliser bar, two black plastic imitation vents in the front spoiler where there was fog lights on the SS, Special seat fabric with a stylised "S" on the base.

There were some "Monaro" commemorative models produced, in the series one only. They were produced in the Monaro-only colours, metallic blue, metallic green, tiger mica and of course the Devil Yellow. There was only 6 cars of each colour produced. All S paks had body coloured door handles on the outside.

How to tell if i have a genuine vx s pak. Where is the senser for the gearbox n if rear diff has one where is it located? I have trouble with the car starting. I have to leave key turned on for 15 minutes then u can start it. I have a VX Calais, first problem E the airbag light stays on. The second problem is as soon I put the headlights on the abs light comes on. When I put my foot on the brakes the abs light goes off until I release the brake pedal.

I have a VX Calais. First off my air bag light stays on, second thing is when driving during the day the ABS is fine, as soon as I put my headlights on the abs lights up until I put the brakes on. As soon as I take the brakes off the light comes back on! With my ignition on and motor not running I have a ticking noise from the top back of the motor I think it has something to do with the fuel line that goes into the motor.

Hi difficult to diagnose without hearing BUT read through the following threads Hi Lister. You said engine NOT running. Does it make the sound just when you turn the ignition on, then go away? If so, its the idle air control motor opening the throttle ready for you to start it.Log in or Sign up.

Welcome to Just Commodores, a site specifically designed for all people who share the same passion as yourself. Recent Posts Contact Us. Just Commodores. Oct 14, 1. I have been pondering what could be causing my VT II to have a hard start for quite a while now and just can't seem to nab what the problem could be. I was thinking injectors, but i would say that it improves, almost to normal when hot, but sometimes not as good.

Maybe electrical? I checked all the wiring and couldn't find anything loose or defective visually.

Holden Commodore VT - errors on starting up

The fuel delivery system: My fuel pump works for the specified 2 seconds when turned to the 'on' ignition position and i can hear it working while the car is starting. I have swapped my fuel pump relay with the starter relay, which is the same, so it isn't that. It cranks well i would say, the momentum really builds up sometimes, so much so that i think the starter is spinning the engine faster than the engine idle speed.

Anyways, some helpful advice would be greatly appreciated as i am fairly stumped at the minute, even the Holden workshop manual "hard start diagnostic" section can't seem to help me pinpoint the problem. Last edited: Oct 15, Oct 14, 2. How does the car actually run? Normal, not the best, bad or what? For a engine to work, it needs air, fuel, and spark For starting issues air wouldnt be much of an problem because if it was air it wouldnt run right and have bad overall performance Fuel would be the thing to look at for starting, try checking your fuel pressure with a pressure gauge, change your fuel filter, but as i said hows the car running?

vx commodore hard to start

Really need more info Spark could also be a key to the answer, maybe faulty plugs, coil packs, or leads, but to get an answer we need more info. Feb 7, 3. Im having simular trouble with my VX, takes a few goes to start. When it is running it idles good. Tried all the easy things like spark plugs and fuel filter; my leads are reasonaly new, so I am to believe it is one of two things fuel injectors or ignition coils.

I'm still yet to solve my problem but will try injectors first this weekend and see from there, unless there are any suggestions as to what else it could be Feb 7, 4.